Saying Yes to the Invitation from Inspiration

I was watching and episode Marie TV where she interviews Elizabeth Gilbert. Here


MarieTV is truly on of my favorite things to watch because you gain access to so many amazing people that are doing amazing things. It's helpful for those of us that want to do amazing things, but are still tangled up in fear and learning to loosen fears grasp -- me!


Inspiration always seems to be flirting with me. There are moments where ideas form in my head, inspiration appears and asks me to go on a journey. Many times I've said no. A few times I've said yes, but backed away when things felt too uncomfortable. Despite the constant hesitation on my part, inspiration keeps flirting with me. Who knows why, but when someone continues to flirt with you and there is the slightest bit of attraction some eventually give in. The excitement is real, the destination unknown, but there's a journey.


If I'm truthful with myself, I always get excited when inspiration flirts with me. I'm ready to abandon my life and begin again with inspiration. In my mind the promise from inspiration is a life beyond my wildest dreams. However, the more I've flirted with inspiration, and for those times that I've reluctantly followed hand in hand, the more I have realized that inspiration never promised a life beyond my wildest dreams. The only thing inspiration promises is a journey, and inspiration is always down for the journey.


Thinking about it now, my lack of commitment is in regards to the journey. I love inspiration. It's new, fun and exciting, but the journey is uncharted waters.  I guess the thing that I've realized is that the journey is into the unknown, but that doesn't mean you can’t protect yourself.


A big thing for me whenever I've wanted to follow inspiration is that I always feel like I never have enough time. I can't do my thing because life is getting in the way -- my day job is getting in the way. However, I need to shift my frame of mind. I need to realize that inspiration isn't promising that any of these are going to work out if I abandon everything, though inspiration throws caution to the wind and says, "lets do it!" Its my job to protect myself. It's my job to ensure that I can continue to provide for myself in the event that I realize I don't want to go with inspiration on this journey -- if it doesn't work out.


Adulting Done Right, though I hope it helps people, is really my way of learning from my own experiences so that I may be a better human being. It's the chronicle of a journey that started with a wink and a smile from inspiration. Who knows where it will end up? Regardless, I'm definitely down for the journey.


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