Why you should set goals

Goals are something that everyone has, but we rarely ever take the time to structure. Unfortunately, many people fail to realize that a goal without a plan is just a wish, and a wish won't help you accomplish much. From the time we are young, we are fed this idea of achievement and success. I am sure many of you have parents or people in your life that have pushed you toward a goal, regardless of whether or not that goal was indeed your own. Setting goals for yourself  is incredibly important. Ambition and drive are great, but without direction you will wander aimlessly.


Why You Should Set Goals


You don't want to wake up one day with regret.

This happens more frequently than we probably realize. For some, it manifest as a life crisis.  For others, they just wake upwith the taste of dissatisfaction in their mouth, and don't realize how to get rid of it.

It is one thing to wake up, not where you want to be, but be working diligently to change your circumstances. It's a completely different thing to wake up dissatisfied and not do anything about it. You always have the opportunity to change something, even the smallest thing can make a big difference if you allow yourself to feel it as progress.


Having goals helps to give you direction during the rough times in life.

Everyone has rough moments in life. When you graduate from school you have an endless sea of options ahead of you. That never changes, however, the sheer number of options can cause paralysis. Having goals doesn't give you the plan, but it helps narrow down the options.


Having goals allows you to create the roadmap.

Goals doesn't give you the roadmap. Your goals are the destination. It's up to you to figure out the route.

Your goals are the ultimate road trip. Getting there can be fun, messy, exciting and terrifying all at once. You may feel prepared because you've graduated from school with a degree, or maybe you've landed your "dream job"! However, once you start the journey, maybe you realize that one of the stops on the trip isn't really what you thought it would be. Maybe you need to change course.

Throughout my own journey, I've realized that you change routes more times than you realize to get to your destination. It's okay. It happens. To expect a bump-less journey is part of our naïveté. Expect and embrace the bumps because they are what truly help you further define your goals.

Why You Should Set Goals


We have all seen people and thought, "Man, where did they go wrong?" Our perception is that they haven't accomplished much or they are unhappy. However, do we think they are unhappy because they haven't reached their goals, or do we think they are unhappy because their goals don't match our own?

Everyone has an unwritten plan for their life. You should take the time to set goals for yourself because have a clear defined goal will ultimately help you decide whether the decision you are making in each moment is helping to pull you closer toward that goal, or further away from that goal. 

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