Manifesting Your 2017!


It's that time of year where we all make resolutions, set goals and set intentions! I have several goals for 2017, and I want to make sure I accomplish what I am setting out to do. Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneur Association, suggested asking yourself 3 questions to help set yourself up for 2017, so I decided to give it a go! I also thought that the beginning of the year would be a great time to talk about my "Why" again to help set the foundation. Because my "why" is the foundation of why I do things, I figured it would probably be best to start there.


My Why

Why do I do this, Adulting Done Right? I created Adulting Done Right for 2 main reasons, which I use to help guide me anytime I am creating or documenting content.


I Noticed A Need


I have worked in the retail industry for the past decade. Throughout the years, I have worked alongside some wildly talented individuals, people with tons of skill, but little direction. Many of my peers felt that they lacked some of the essential skills that they needed to be successful in life. These people had great educations, but for whatever reason, lacked fundamentals necessary for life. The crazy part? I was no different!


I can't tell you how many times I've had to call mom, or scour the internet for the information I needed. It wasn't until my most recent job, that the idea for Adulting Done Right hit me. I use to do this thing at work where I would ask people seemingly simple questions, but questions that would always end up sparking conversation. It's how I got to know people, and started to develop relationships. On one day in particular, I was asking people what they felt the top 5 skills they needed to be successful as an adult. The answers astounded me!


What are the top 5 skills you think a person needs to be successful as an adult?


I immediately noticed that there were two distinct groups.  People that answered with 'basic' skills and people who answered with more advanced character traits and skills. I realized that so many people need help #adulting! I also realized that these were things that I also struggled with at some point in time, but somehow learned. In that moment, I knew that I wanted to help people that were struggling with adulting.


At its core, Adulting Done Right was created to help myself and others with adulting.


It's Also Selfish


Selfishly, I also created Adulting Done Right to document my own experience of adulting. There are a great deal of skill that I have cultivated over the years, but there are still a great deal to go. I wanted to start documenting my own journey to hopefully learn from my mistakes and success, then share them with others.  I want to share the pain and trials I have gone through. If one person finds it helpful, even if it's just me, that is okay.



There you have it! Adulting Done Right at its core. Adulting Done Right is here to help those that feel like they are fumbling through #adulting, and serve as a way for me to document and share my own experiences of adulting. I want to help fill in the gaps, those areas of knowledge we feel we're missing. I want to help build the confidence of the millennials. I want to help us be prepared for when the torch is passes, and we are the leaders. 


For those of you that are interested in answering the 3 questions for yourself, here is the link to Carrie's post, 3 QUESTIONS TO MAKE 2017 A HUGE SUCCESS


What are your goals and intentions for 2017? Do you have something you've been wanting to accomplish for a while, but haven't? No time like the present to start!