Nail Your Resume To Land The Job You Want!


As some of you may know, I recently left my job and an industry I have been in for the past decade. The decision wasn't one that was made lightly, but it needed to happen. For any of you that have worked in the retail or service industry, you know that there are a lot of pros and cons associated with the job.  However, it has reached a time where the pros no longer outweigh the cons, so the decision was made.


I left my job at the beginning of December, and took the month to refocus and spend time with family. Fast forward to now, and I am on the hunt for a job in a new industry in addition to trying to start a business. Yikes! I know, a lot to juggle, but I'm confident I can do both. I figured that because Adulting Done Right is about sharing the experience of #adulting with you guys, that I would take you along on this journey.


As a HR and Training manager, I'm familiar with the hiring and recruiting process and feel like I can apply those same principles to my own job hunt. Plus, maybe it will help you guys that might be in a similar situation.


So where will we begin this journey? The resume of course! I'm going to share with you my tips to a killer resume that will help you get better results on your own job hunt.


Crafting the Resume


I've truthfully always hated resumes. For the longest time, I never know what to include, or what to leave out. Should I put a picture on it? Should it be colorful? What do I do?! If you don't get it right, it can send your resume into the recruiters black abyss when applying for jobs, never to be found again. That's is why it is so important to get this right.




Think of your resume as a marketing tool. That's it. No more, no less. There are a few basic components to a great resume, which I've outline in a FREE Resume Writing Guide I've created to help you figure out what you should and should not include! Just click the button below to get your FREE Resume Writing Guide.