How I Avoid Workplace Negativity

Most of us have experienced the feeling of dreading our job. For some reason or another, there is something about going to work, day in and day out at the same old place, doing the same old job, that really rubs us the wrong way. It could be that we don't feel fulfilled? Or maybe, we don't feel like we are having an impact? There are a myriad of reasons why people hate their job. However, sometimes our dissatisfaction with our job has nothing to do with us. Sometimes, we are picking up on our coworkers negative energies, which can magnify our own feelings of dissatisfaction. We can even pick up thoughts and feeling that weren't even ours to begin with, and feel them as if they were our own!


Today I want to share with you a tip that I learned a long time ago, that has helped me whenever I have remembered to use it. It truth, I don't always remember this tool, but when my sister called me the other day and told me about how she was feeling, this trick immediately came to mind! With an open mind, I'm confident that this can help you too.


If you're not interested in how my sister came to realize she was being affected by other people. you can skip ahead to 'The Tool | Gaining Control of Your Mood'


The Backstory 

I received a call from my sister the other day because she was having some difficulties at work and wanted some advice. She works for a company that she isn't necessarily in love with, but she is in a field that she loves and is gaining valuable experience. Most days she is content, she faces her own challenges with the job, but isn't itching to runaway on a daily basis. When she called me, she was thrilled at the revelation she'd had, but need to some advice on how to deal with it. Her intuition told her I was the person to call.


My sister's coworker, John, isn't happy in his job. He continually complains about feeling stuck. To boot, his feeling are intensified because his girlfriend was recently laid off and he was recently diagnosed with cancer. John feels paralyzed because he and his girlfriend need a way to support themselves, and he needs medical insurance in order to treat his recent diagnosis. As I am sure you can imagine, John's feelings are pretty negative right now. How does this affect my sister? 


Well, like many people, including myself, my sister is very receptive to other peoples feelings and energy. I'm sure you've heard the saying, "One bad apple can spoil the bunch." It's true! Have you ever been somewhere and noticed someone was having a bad day? Did you start to become annoyed or agitated, when you had no real reason to be. Could you feel the energy in the room shift with this person's presence? This shit really happens! My sister sits within arms reach of John at work everyday. His negativity pours out of him and onto her everyday. 


How did she notice? She noticed because John was out of work for a few days, and she began to relax at work. The things that were frustrating her, we no longer bothering her - she was calm. However, as soon as John returned to work, she notice her energy and mood shift toward negativity again. She realized that some of her feelings must be coming from him! This was when she called me.


The Tool | Gaining Control of Your Mood

This is a tool I learned in my early 20's. It's a tool that I used religiously back then, but somehow forgot over the years. 


Everyone around you is radiating energy. You may think of it as an aura if that helps you. Whether you believe in auras or not, everyone has energy all around them. If you've studied any type of science, you know that energy can neither be created or destroyed, it simply gets transferred. When you have a negative person around you, they typically are spewing their negativity out into their surroundings through their words, body language and energy they give off. Everyone has the ability to block the energy from others, but most have never practiced. Some do this naturally and are unaware of it (I am convinced that this use to be me until I embarked on a journey to become more in tune and empathetic toward others).


Practice this activity with a partner to build your ability to block energy from others. 


With a partner, sit across from each other and place your palms together. Close your eyes and be still. Focus your attention on your palm. Feel the other persons palm against yours. As I do this, I can feel a tingling  sensation all over my palm. Can you feel it? That is your bodies energy. Can your partner feel it? Good. 


Now that you can feel it, take turns trying to focus on sending your energy up through your partners arm. Go as high as you can. It may feel like that same tingling sensation. Do you feel it? Take turns practicing until each of you can successfully focus your energy up the other persons arm. This energy transfer is happening all around you, everyday without you realizing. If you do not keep an awareness of this energy, especially around others, you can absorb their energy and take it on as your own. 


To prevent this, I want you to practice blocking the energy from your partner.  So, just as before, take turns trying to send your energy up through your partners arm. However, if you are on the receiving end, I want you to focus on blocking your partners energy at your hand. If it helps you, imagine that there is a piece of glass in between you and your partners hand. Imagine the energy from your partner hitting the glass and bouncing away from you. Can you do it? Good! You've successfully blocked their energy!


I remember thinking this was so cool when I first discovered it. Take this tool with you into your day to day life. If you see someone around you that happens to be negative that day, and you're feeling good, put up your invisible glass was between the two of you and watch as their energy is deflected back onto them. 


Do you have a story where this worked for you? Share it in the comments below!