The Truth About Chasing Your Passion

As many of you may know if you have watched my videos before, I have been on the job hunt for the past several months. The process has been thrilling and emotionally draining all at the same time, as I am sure some of you out there can relate.


I wanted to hop on here today to update you on my experience thus far. I have been applying to tons of companies, and interviewing with a few. One in particular, in the field I've always dreamed of working in - health and wellness. The interview process for the job was long, but I loved it. Everyone I spoke with was amazing and it felt as though I was on the right path. I was finally going to have an opportunity to help positively impact peoples lives through healthy lifestyle promotion for a major company.  The interview process lasted about a month and a half, I went through four internal interviews and was flown to meet with the client for a final interview. I made it through each step, hopeful that this was the right place for me.


Two weeks after the interview with the client and a follow-up email later, I found out that I did not get the job. In the turndown email, my would be boss said,


"…both companies were impressed by your design skills and human resources experience. There is moderate concern about your lack of experience working remotely and in the health promotion industry."


I was utterly heartbroken that the opportunity didn't work out.  Though I had been mentally preparing myself for the potential outcome (I'll link a video where I talk about not becoming attached). The let down hit me harder than I realized it would. There were moments where I broke down in tears because in my mind this was my opportunity to truly get into health and wellness. In a sense it was validation I felt I needed, despite formal training as a Health Coach. Someone was finally giving me a chance. However, it didn't pan out.


In my process of mentally preparing myself for the potential let down (before I received the official turn down) I had asked myself…


"Why don't I just bet on myself? If for whatever reason it doesn't work out with this company, why don't I just start taking clients on my own as a Health Coach? This way I can do what I feel like I am meant to do even if a company won't take the chance on me."


I didn't immediately respond when I got the turndown email. I was emotionally charged and wounded, and didn't want to come off as anything but grateful for the opportunity. To my surprise, the following day I received a call from the woman that would have been my boss. I was slightly taken aback that she was calling me after sending me the turndown notice the day before, but I immediately answered the phone. She wanted to follow up to see if I had any questions about the email, and let me know that she appreciated the time and energy that I put into the process. We had, what I felt, was a very encouraging conversation about my future in the industry. I was moved to tears by her gesture, and I want her to know how much that meant to me. As someone wanting to contribute to the health and wellness of the global population, but doubting their place in the field, this meant so much to me.


I have 2 intentions in writing this.


  1. To say thank you to the woman that followed up with me after the interview process. I was incredibly moved by your gesture and realize that that is not typically done when being turned down for a position. Your words encouraged me to continue on this path.

  2. To share my experience with those that are interested and the truth about chasing your passion.


The truth about chasing your passion is that it isn't always an easy road. There will be moments when others doubt your abilities. There may be moments when you doubt your abilities. But, if you're willing to give up after one failed attempt, it probably isn't the right path for you. Life will test you and ask you, "Do you really want this?" If it's truly your passion the only appropriate response is, yes. Obstacles are just detours in the right direction. Who knows where this detour will lead, but I know I'm not going to let it steer me off course.


As Elizabeth Gilbert says in Big Magic, every job comes with its own shit sandwich. You have to figure out which flavor of shit sandwich you like eating.