The Ultimate Guide to Simplify Thanksgiving Prep and Amaze Guests

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The baton has been passed, and it's your turn to host Thanksgiving for the family. Thoughts of lumpy mashed potatoes, soupy homemade cranberry sauce, turkey gravy and burnt side dishes begin to dance through your head. Even better, your aunt (or MIL), the world class hostess is going to be joining you this year. You probably started to freak out a bit. That was definitely me when I naïvely offered to host my first Thanksgiving dinner for Kevin’s family.

I love to host and entertain, but it is always stressful when you are hosting for a new, slightly demanding, group. Often times, there is so much planning and preparation that goes into hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey day should be a day of football, parades (maybe a turkey trot) and overeating. But, not for you! You’ll be stressed out, running around the kitchen like a chicken with their head cut off. Not this year, my friend! I’ve been working on something to help us out!

It doesn't matter if you’re hosting your first, tenth or thirtieth Thanksgiving Day dinner, my Countdown to Thanksgiving Planner 2018 will help you plan and execute for the big day ahead! I’m going to help take the stress out of Thanksgiving prep by giving you all the resources you need to confidently host the perfect Thanksgiving.

What you’ll get!


My Countdown to Thanksgiving Planner is going to help you map out and plan the 4 weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. I’ll help you,

  • Plan the guest list.

  • Take inventory of what you have (You don’t want to run out of paper towels on Thanksgiving!).

  • Plan and shop for what you need.

  • Give you decor ideas.

  • Plan the menu (I share some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes!).

  • Delegate tasks and/or dishes so all of the stress isn’t on you (if your sister-in-law makes a great pecan pie, delegate it to her!)

  • Know how much food to prep, and


When you download my FREE Countdown to Thanksgiving Planner 2018 you will not only get the planner, you will also get weekly emails from me where I will share what I’m working on to get ready for Thanksgiving. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see videos that compliment the guide.

I’m so confident that my Countdown To Thanksgiving Planner will help you that I’ve even included a DIY project for those that want to add a little something extra to their Thanksgiving table.

Don’t be stressed out this holiday season. Instead, take control of the situation, plan and prepare so that you too can enjoy your Thanksgiving with your loved ones!