Stop Feeling EXHAUSTED! Fill Your Cup The Right Way!

Fill Your Cup.jpg

As a mom, I don’t have time to waste. Yet I still manage to find and steal moments, my “me time”, whether it’s while my son is playing, napping or otherwise occupied. Most of the time those moments I steal look like me scrolling on my phone, sitting on the couch binging on Netflix’s new series, or “checking email”. But, these moments meant to be “me time” -- to fill my proverbial cup -- still leave me feeling drained and exhausted.

Not that I am sitting on my phone all day, mindlessly scrolling through instagram, but I’d probably feel slightly ashamed if you looked at the screen time report on my phone. I’m a mom. My time, attention and energy is focused on my son. I love it, but I’m left feeling exhausted by the end of the day. Heck, sometimes even just half way through the day!

However, I’ve been feeling a need for more. Not more things or more money, but more meaning, more ritual, and more self love. I spend my days taking care of others, but I neglect myself. I started thinking about this when I realized that I wasn’t feeling refreshed in the mornings and tired throughout the day.. I didn’t have anything I was looking forward to. I was like a car on an interstate using cruise control, I was moving forward, but not really paying attention.


This realization triggered the first domino in this shift. My sister, Anxious Yogi, recently saw  an Intuitive and Reiki Specialist and had an amazing experience. After talking to her about the session I decided to reach out to the woman and schedule an intuitive and reiki session. I haven’t had the reiki session(yet) because I live in a different state, but I did have the intuitive session via skype.

It was GREAT! Ann, a lovely woman, helped me talk through and understand my feelings. Think of an intuitive session as therapy with divine guidance. We talked about spirituality, religion, being an intuitive, a healer and much more. We talked about how I’ve been ignoring a call inside me to be a healer, and how I’m an intuitive that keeps shuffling my gifts and talents under the rug.

From that session, and with the help of Anxious Yogi’s FREE email course I’ve been doing small things to start filling my cup. Things I have done at various points throughout my life, but have drifted from. All rituals, habits and mindset attuned to self love, to help me focus on self love, learning and living a more intentional life.

Though the work of self love and care is never done, I can already feel shifts happening. I’m more intentional with my time; time with my son, time with Kevin and time with myself. Instead of scrolling through instagram, I take the time to ask myself if this is really going to achieve the feeling that I’m looking for -- is it going to fill my cup so I can continue to show up for other in my life?

(Check out this video that really helped drive this home for me.)


What are some things you do to fill your cup? What do you do in your “me time”? Are you mindlessly scrolling, like I was (and sometimes still do)? Leave me a comment below!