Top 5 Backpacks

I remember the days of walking campus, books in tow. Admittedly, I was somewhat impractical in my backpack choice because I never really used a backpack. Instead I chose to use an over the shoulder bag (bad choice) of carry my books in hand (worst decision, ever!), and by the time I finished the day my shoulder or arms were always toast. 


Looking back, it would have been much smarted to opt for the good ole backpack. Though not the most glamorous option, at least when I was in school. However, now there are so many unique options that I would have loved to sport! Don't be tough or fashionable, sport a backpack. Your back and shoulders will thank me when your thirty, trust me. Besides, there are a ton of cute and trendy backpacks out there, if that’s what you’re into. Here are my top 5 picks for back to school backpacks, in no particular order. 


The Goruck Echo - $235

Grouch Echo

Definitely the most expensive option, but this is my absolute favorite. Had I known about it when I was in school (actually, I don't even think the company existed at that point), I would have definitely invested the money, and this backpack would have seen years of love. 


What I love about this backpack:

This is built to last! Goruck is a company that designs military grade rucksacks that are built in the USA. They were designed to withstand the use and elements (WEATHERPROOF) whether you are running around campus, NYC or Baghdad (their words). The Echo fits a 13" laptop beautifully and still has room for more. The main compartment unzips so that you can lay the backpack flat on a table. This backpack is also rainproof, has extra padded straps, multiple pockets and more. You really have to see this backpack to understand why it's my favorite. If you invest in this one, you'll have a backpack you'll love for years to come. Update: As of 9/1/18 prices of this backpack and all Gorucks products have increased. I wouldn't let this hold you back from making a purchase. I have loved everything about all of the products I have purchased from Goruck. 


Fjallraven Kanken Backpack - $80

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

The Fjallraven Kanken Backpack is just cute! I love this backpack. In another life, I would have dreadlocks and be carrying this backpack around (not that you need dreads to sport this backpack, that's just what I imagine for myself). If I were in high school or college, this would definitely be a backpack I would consider for its aesthetics alone. 


What I love about this backpack:

The design and color selection are phenomenal for this little guy. The main compartment is very roomy and can hold a good deal of items. This backpack is polyvinyl, so it wipes clean easily if there are ever any accidents or spills. The backpack also has two handles at the top, which allow you to quickly and easily pick it up and go in a hurry. Aside from the main compartment, there are two outside compartments, front and side. Overall, this is a great backpack that would hold a good bit for those long school days when you need to pack everything you need for the day. 


Jansport Right Pack Backpack - $60


Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 10.25.30 AM.png

Jansport is a classic, and you can never go wrong with a classic. Jansport’s were the staple backpack of my childhood. Everyone had one and they got the job done. Nowadays, you have a plethora of colors, patterns and styles to choose from.  


What I love about this backpack: 

This backpack holds a 15” laptop, bigger than the Goruck, so if you need the space this is definitely your guy. This pack features the main compartment, a quick stash pocket and and a utility organizer pocket. It is also a straight cut with padded shoulder straps. 


Vera Bradley Iconic Campus Bag -  $138

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 10.26.11 AM.png

For those of you interested in something a little more stylish, Vera Bradley makes some fun textured and printed backpacks. Though beautiful, this would not have worked for college in Florida. Primarily because afternoon showers are a very real thing, and I would have been lugging around a weighted, soaked brick to each class. Not to mention the fact the the contents would have been soaked as well.  


What I love about this backpack: 

I love the DESIGN!!! I also love all of the compartments. This backpack has a completely separate zip pouch for you laptop, a main pocket for books, notebooks and the like, not to mention a side pouch and two front pockets with organizers.   


High Quality Canvas Backpack w/USB - $42

USB Canvas Backpack

Ummm, did you see that?! With USB! That was enough to sell me on this guy, not to mention the fact that is also holds a 15” computer.


What I love about this backpack: 

Built in USB charging for your smartphone! Need I say more. To be clear, it doesn’t come with a built in charger, but you can use your existing battery pack and upgrade as new tech comes out, or purchase one of the battery packs they sell. This backpack is nice and roomy! You will have plenty of space for your computer, books, folders, notebooks and more! 


That completes my top 5 backpacks for BTS roundup! I think that there is something here for everyone, featuring different styles and price points. Hopefully you're encouraged (ahem, ladies!) not to use the uncomfortable, over the shoulder bags that I used in college, and you opt for something more practical, yet stylish. 


Did I leave your favorite backpack off of the list? Comment below and share your favorites! Bettter yet, if you have one of these backpacks, comment below and give us your opinion!