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Happy New Year, everyone! 

I don’t know about your feed, but all of my social media feeds have been flooded with people reflecting on 2018 and setting goals for 2019. I’m not going to lie, I felt pretty overwhelmed when I saw all of these people sharing photos from 2018 and here I was, not yet reflecting on the year. That, “You’re not keeping up” thought crept into my head. 

Fortunately, I quickly squashed it! I do my best not to compare myself with others. I’m becoming less and less focused on social media because I recognize that, at times, it’s just a way for me to waste time seeing what everyone else is up to. Don’t get me wrong, I like to see what is going on with people, but not at the expense of things in life that are more important. 

Photo by  Ana Tavares  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ana Tavares on Unsplash


Regardless, I decided to start taking inventory of the year. Not to share on social media, or even to share on here, more so as a reminded of everything Kevin and I experienced this past year. So, the week before Christmas, Kevin and I sat down and made a list of everything that we experienced over 2018. We realized that what seemed like an okay year, was actually a pretty amazing year!  

We both recognized that 2018 had been the year of transition for us. Now, I’m not typically the person that chooses a word each year. The thought never really occurred to me. Yet, transition fit so perfectly. Realizing that coupled with how many amazing things happened in 2018 without any real focus, made me want to select a word for the year going into 2019. 

My word?… 


How fitting?! After realizing what joy and happiness you can experience when you sit back and just let life happen, I’m intrigued to see the realm of possibilities when we put more intention into our home and our lives. 

This brings me to what this post is really all about… A shift is coming.

You may notice some things starting to change around here in the coming months. I started Adulting Done Right as a way to help young adults figure out the things we do not necessarily learn in school. But, after trying to write and connect on this topic, off and on for two years, I’m finding it difficult to connect. It doesn’t fit me anymore. 

I’m not in that place in life, I don’t speak the language and I’ve been so far removed from that demographic for so long that it makes connecting hard. That content is not about me, my life or what I’m experiencing and want to cultivate. It’s hard to write for a group that you’re not a part of anymore. 

I started to feel this and make a shift a few months ago. You may have noticed that I started writing and recording as if I were speaking to my own children, years from now when they are all grown and looking for help.

This shift helped briefly, but I still drifted away from creating because I was still trying to make the content relevant for that demographic. There was still a disconnect. This leads me to where I am today. I need to make a change. I want to write about my own journey that I’m going through and experiencing now, not what I experienced years ago. I want to talk about motherhood, spirituality and lifestyle. 

I also want to share my own spiritual journey of healing and reactivating my intuitive gifts. I want to write about how I balance (or fail to balance) self-care while also being MOM. I want to write about the aspects of lifestyle that appeal to me and my life. 

If you are here for this journey, YAY! But, if you are not, that is okay too. Someone out there is creating the content you are looking for, go find them. If you can’t find them, maybe you should create it! 

I’m not abandoning Adulting Done Right. Adulting Done Right will be absorbed by my new website (more to come here soon!) and become a lifestyle topic. You will also see Modern Day Mom, a topic about what it is like for me to be a mom, and Letters to my Children, a topic for stories I share with my children. I will also share my spiritual journey, which is closely related to EVERYTHING. 

I hope you are excited about this new chapter with me! If not, no worries. Maybe we will reconnect at another point down the road. For now, I wish you nothing but the best for you and yours. May you find what you are looking for on your journey. 

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Quick question for you before you go! Do you set New Years resolutions? Or, are you a yearly word type person? If you are a yearly word person, do you know what your word for 2019 is? Leave me a comment below!


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you decide to hangout with me for a while!

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