6 Unusual Self-Care Habits That Help Me On Rough Days


I did not intend to cry on my birthday, but I did. They were not tears of joy, either. My morning and evening were the perfect cocktail combination that sent me straight into ugly crying. Oh yeah, did I mention this was on my birthday? Regardless of the tears, I still had a wonderful day and I learned the value of self-care.

To be fair, this could have happened on any day of the year, it just happened to be my birthday. I woke up around my normal time, 6:00A. However, instead of jumping into my normal self-care routine (that changes slightly from day to day), I decided to lay in bed with Kevin and soak in a few more birthday snuggles.

7:30A rolled around and it was time to get our son. You never know what kind of day it will be when you open the door to your child’s room, but you hope for the best. Most days are wonderful. Their smile when they see you melts away all troubles. However, today was not that day. From the moment Grayson woke up he was in a mood. He did not want to be changed, he did not want to eat, he did not want to be held and he most certainly did not want to be placed on the ground…

Happy birthday to me,

happy birthday to me,

happy birthday dear Ginger,

happy birthday to me…

I was grateful that today was a Kid’s Day Out day (his school that he attends twice a week) because I needed to regroup. Apparently Grayson did too. We rode in silence on the way to drop him off. However, while I was adjusting the visor of his car seat at a stoplight, a woman decided I needed to know the light turned green the INSTANT it changed. I felt the tears welling up…

Happy birthday to me,

happy birthday to me,

happy birthday dear Ginger,

happy birthday to me…

Now, I’m not one to cry because someone honked their horn at me, however, there were a myriad of things going through my mind, and this woman honking her horn at me was enough to send me over the emotional Niagara Falls.

When I got home I decided to take some time for myself and unpack all of the emotions — the shadow work —  that were just under the surface from the morning (I’ll share more about shadow work and what I worked through soon). After spending some time with the emotions I realized the importance of self-care.

After that morning I realized that no matter what, even if I only have 15 minutes, I need to wake up before I get my son up and take care of myself. I’ve been working on my morning routine -- my Miracle Morning, of sorts -- since the start of the new year. It’s not perfect, but it does not need to be. And, I tweak it each day to meet my needs. This morning routine gives me time to fill my cup (check out this post on filling up your cup) and charge my battery. Even if I don’t always have a great night sleep, this routine helps me recharge.

My Morning Routine

Now, I don’t do each of these things everyday. I’m happy if I hit 2-3 of the items on this list. I’m always reminding myself, self-care isn’t really about what I’m doing, it’s about my mindset while doing something. With that said, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook is not an effective way to fill my cup or recharge my battery. However, here are some things that help me take care of my mind, body and soul.

Writing Down My Dreams

It is important to pay attention to your dreams if you are in the process of reactivating your intuition, like me. I try to spend a couple of minutes in the mornings, before my feet even touch the floor, writing down my dreams. I am always analyzing for subtle recurring themes to see what my subconscious is trying to communicate. (Not sure how to interpret your dreams? Grab my FREE guide!)

You might be wondering how this qualifies as self-care? Remember, self-care is not about what you are doing. It is about the mindset while doing the thing. I am nurturing my spiritual and intuitive relationships when I take the time to mindfully write down my dreams in the morning. That is self-care, plain ad simple.


Separate from my dream journal, this is where I write down my thoughts, have conversations with the angels or my spirit guides, and work through my shadow work. Again, I don’t do this every morning, but I try to notice when I feel called to do journal. I try to journal most mornings because I’m in the process of reactivating my intuition and cultivating a relationship with the angels and spirit guides.

Do not feel pressured if you don’t know what to write about. Write about that. It’s all about flexing the muscle. Again, it is more about establishing the practice of something you enjoy. Something that you find valuable. something that helps feed you mind, body and/or soul.

Water, Coffee and/or Tea

I try to make a point to drink water in the mornings before I sit down and have my cup of coffee. I am dehydrated when I wake up in the morning, so this helps to start the hydration process.

Once I’ve had some water, I sit down to enjoy my cup of coffee while I read or journal. Finishing a cup of coffee normally takes me several hours! I keep my coffee in a little thermos and sip on it throughout the morning. However, I do try to enjoy a portion of it before my son wakes up. It’s a treat for me and I get some time to sit with my thoughts, uninterrupted. Even 5 minutes can be magical.


Reading does not happen every morning, but I try to listen to spirit and let them guide me toward whatever I need to study. Sometimes I read a book. Sometimes I listen to a podcast or audiobook.


Meditating is the one thing that I make a point to do daily. If I do not get to it in the morning, I meditate before bed. This is one of those things that really helps me get set up for a good day. It’s also really helpful if you struggle with internal chatter, like me! Meditation helps me become the observer of my thoughts instead of the captive of my thoughts.

Again, it is a subtle practice that helps me take care of myself.

Moving My Body - Yoga, Stretching

This is a newer one I’ve started incorporating into my morning routine, though I generally try to do yoga before bed. Whether you are doing intuitive work or not, I believe moving is important. Sometimes the only way to move the energy of the emotions that we are working/with is to move. Moving your body helps move and release the energy. It doesn’t have to be yoga. It can be anything. Give it a go!

I wonder if you noticed that none of my self-care practices I do in the morning involve the traditional pampering that we think of when someone mentions self-care. I think that most of tend to think spas, long baths, a glass of wine, etc. It’s not that those things aren;t self-care. My point is that you can really make anything you do a self-care practice if you reframe the way you think about it.

If I had taken the time to do even one of these things that morning I may have been in a better state of mind and the woman honking her horn at me wouldn’t have sent me over the edge. Who knows? Maybe it wouldn’t have helped because I was meant to acknowledge and start working through those emotions that day. Regardless, take the time to take care of yourself.

Question for you… What self-care rituals do you have? Doesn’t have to be specific to the morning, but what do you do to fill your cup? Let me know in the comments below!


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