Save Hours + Stop Stressing About Dinner Each Week

Simple Meal Plans

The life of mom can be intense! Let’s face it, life for everyone is intense, but I’m hyper aware of how fast things can start to spiral because I’m focusing on being intentional this year. One of the things that I’ve been doing off and on for YEARS, but have been consistent with in this season of being intentional and maximizing my time is meal planning.

Meal time can quickly become a time sucker. I know that there are a ton of meal delivery services out there that make mealtime easy for many families, but I’ve found that I can still meal plan all of my breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the family for at a much more affordable price point if I do it myself. Not to mention the fact that I can order my groceries online and pick them up for free, or have them delivered (Thank you walmart! For real though, it’s AMAZING) for a small fee.

In the spirit of saving some other mama’s out there some time, I thought it might be fun to start sharing my meal plans occasionally on the blog. If it’s something people are interested, in I can share them weekly on the blog or in weekly email, but for now, we will see how it goes.

How I Plan Our Meals

I use a variety of tools to plan our weekly meals. Some are my own recipes, but most of the time I look for inspiration online and then adapt the recipe as I need to for our dietary sensitivities (okay, mainly my own. Damn you, delicious gluten!). Some of my favorite websites to get inspiration are:

There are more, I’m sure, but these are the most used that come to mind.

Meal Plan | Week 1

This week I’m playing with the idea of freezer meals. Have you tried this before? I’m prepping double batches of things that I know will freeze well, not actually cooking it, but cooking half and then freezing the oher uncooked portion in a freezer bag for the following week. I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll continue, but I thought that it might be a great time saver for busy weeks!

This week’s menu is:

Sunday - Chicken Pot Tot Dish - So good! Like a chicken pot pie, but better!

Monday - Cilantro Lime Chicken (Prep 2, Freeze 1)+ Salad - Great as a burrito bowl, OR in a quesadilla.

Tuesday - Pork Tenderloin Fajitas (Prep 2, Freeze 1) + Peppers + Onions + Rice - We loved this recipe!

Wednesday - Baby Back Ribs + Baked Potatoes - A staple in my house, and it’s low maintenance because you cook the ribs in a crockpot.

Thursday - Baked Chicken Veracruz + Asparagus - I’m not an olive fan, but this was SO GOOD. I halved the amount of olives, put them in a food processor with the onions and then mixed the combo in with the tomato sauce.  

Friday - Gluten Free Pizza - We do this about once a week in our house. It’s a super simple recipe.

Saturday - Night Out or Leftovers, because who wants to cook everyday?

Now, a list of what I’m making for dinner with links to recipes is great. However, this doesn’t really save you a heck of a lot of time because you still have to go to each recipe, make your shopping list and then go shopping.

BUT! Don’t worry. I’ve taken care of it! I’ve gone ahead a created a simple printable that lists everything you need, saves you time and keeps everything in one, easy to read PDF. The best part is that once you download this week’s meal plan, I’ll send you any other meal plans I share in the future, straight to your inbox!

This method of meal planning and prep literally saves me HOURS each week. I don’t have to stress about what to make for dinner each night It’s all laid out for me in one easy to read PDF that I print out each week and keep posted on my fridge.

Do you know another busy mama that needs more time for herself, but can’t ever seem to find it? Share this post with her! Take the stress of planning this week's dinners off of her plate (pun intended!) Also, let me know what recipes you try! I’d love to know what you think!