Do You Feel Overwhelmed And Stressed Out By Motherhood?

You're not alone.


Reiki: Understanding the Healing Power of Energy


Find Peace and Calm in the Chaos of Motherhood with Reiki Healing

Overcoming the Overwhelm: Simple Strategies for Moms

Ginger Crosbie

Coach for Burnout Moms + Reiki

Co-host of Good Story Live!

Meet Ginger.

Being a mom is like being enrolled in an ultra-intense prep school that no-one told you were signing up for. It’s also one of the most powerful mirrors for healing and transformation. It’s intense, overwhelming and isolating, but it’s also beautiful, joyous and exciting. I’ve never experienced emotions so deeply until I became a mom. As a coach, reiki practitioner and intuitive, I’m here to help you find more joy and less overwhelm in motherhood through life management strategies, personal development and energetics like reiki.



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