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My name is Ginger Crosbie. I am a certified holistic health coach and the creator of Adulting Done Right. My passions in life are well-being, my family and my spiritual journey.

I created Adulting Done Right as a way to share my experiences of adulting and life. However, over time this vision has evolved and is becoming so much more than just #adulting. I am incredibly passionate about being better than I was yesterday, and I spend a lot of time focusing on developing myself. This blog is becoming more about my own journey of healing and growth, with sprinklings of motherhood and lifestyle.

Adulting isn't about learning how to tolerate people. Adulting isn't demanding respect from people. Adulting isn't about knowing everything. Once you realize that life is a constant evolution of yourself, you realize that you are always adulting, no matter what your age. Throughout your evolution, you develop skills because you realize a need or want and aren't capable of filling said need or want with your current skill set. I am here to share the needs and wants I have realized, and the skills I have gained as a result of filling those needs and wants.