Overcoming the Overwhelm: Simple Strategies for Moms

As a mom, it can be overwhelming at times to balance everything on your plate. The feeling of overwhelm can paralyze you and prevent you from getting anything done. But, there are ways to manage these feelings and take control of your thoughts.

One technique to try when you're feeling overwhelmed is this…

When you notice that you're falling down the rabbit hole of your mind and starting to feel overwhelmed, I want you to do this.

Stop. Say to yourself, "I'm done following/reading this story."

You are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are just that, thoughts. You can pick another thought and follow that one.

Often times in our mind, we follow the "worst-case scenario" story. But we forget that it is just a story in our minds. If you don't like that story, simply put that story back on the shelf in your mind and pick up another story.

Heck, if it's a story you hate, toss that fictitious story in your mental "trash bin" and CTRL+ALT+DELETE that story out of existence.

Sometimes we continue to reread the same stories in our minds because of childhood, or societal programming that we don't even realize is living rent-free in our brains.

To put a stop to these stories for good, it's important to become curious about your subconscious beliefs.

If you want help releasing these beliefs, there are several options available. For example, you can try something like reiki, or work with a coach or a licensed therapist.

These methods can help you release limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, allowing you to focus on the present moment and live your life with a sense of peace and balance.

In conclusion, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed as a mom, but with the right techniques and mindset, you can take control of your thoughts and manage those feelings of overwhelm. Remember, you are not your thoughts, and you have the power to choose which thoughts to focus on.

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About the Author

Ginger Crosbie is a motherhood coach, reiki practitioner, content marketer, and co-host of Good Story Live! She has worked as a wedding photographer, trainer at Apple, Inc., and a content marketer helping brands connect with their target audiences. She has been creating videos and content on the internet for the last ten years. She has lived all around the southeast United States and now resides just outside metro Atlanta with her husband and two children.