Simplify Meal Prep and Save Time with Dinner Boxes


Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking every single day?

As a busy mom, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to cook for your family while juggling all the responsibilities of being a mom. But what if there was a way to simplify your meal prep routine, save time, and reduce stress? Enter #DinnerBoxes - the ultimate solution for busy moms like you.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how meal prep containers can revolutionize your weekly meal prep, making your life easier and more organized.

Dinner Made Easy: Streamline Your Kitchen with Meal Prep Containers

The Dinner Time Struggle Is Real

Imagine the frustration of standing in front of the fridge, trying to piece together a meal from a mishmash of leftovers and random ingredients. It's time-consuming, chaotic, and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Without a streamlined system for meal prep, you may find yourself wasting precious time and energy every day, leaving you with less time for yourself and your family.

If you’re anything like me, which if you’re a mom of littles, chances you are… You often struggle with not knowing what to cook, wasting food, or resorting to takeout options due to lack of time and frustration.

Deciding what everyone in the house is going to eat 365 days per year, 3 times a day is a LOT! The constant stress and decision-making involved in meal planning is enough to tip any one of us over the edge. It's time to break free from the chaos and reclaim your evenings by incorporating meal prep containers (aka - Dinner Boxes) into your routine. I have been loving these refrigerator organizer bins! They come in sets of eight or six, are a great size, and you can stack them to save space.

Why This Work

Organization: Meal prep containers keep your fridge neat and tidy, with all your meals planned and ready to go. No more rummaging through the fridge trying to figure out what to cook at dinner time.

Time-saving: By dedicating a specific time each week to meal plan + prep, you can streamline your cooking process and avoid spending hours in the kitchen daily. With meals already planned and ingredients stored in meal prep bins, you can simply grab and go when it’s time to cook dinner.

Budget-friendly: With Dinner Boxes, you can strategically plan your meals, minimizing food waste and saving money on unnecessary grocery purchases or takeout orders.

Variety and Flexibility: Don't worry about eating the same meal daily. I always failed with meal prepping - cooking meals in advance, because it wasn’t flexible. I had to eat what I cooked even if I wasn’t in the mood for it that day. With meal prep bins, you can organize your ingredients into planned meals in your fridge. There is also flexibility because you can pick and choose which box you grab each night throughout the week.

How To Make This Work For You

Step 1: The Weekly Rummage

Each week, before I plan a meal or think about going grocery shopping, I use this game-changing strategy that tackles two common challenges: reducing food waste and staying on top of household essentials.

As moms, we've all been there, standing in the grocery store aisle, wondering why those random veggies mysteriously end up in our carts. But fear not, because I've got a trick up my sleeve that will revolutionize your meal planning.

  • Take a peek into your fridge, freezer, and pantry. It's like embarking on a treasure hunt, searching for forgotten ingredients and finding ways to bring them back to life. No more wasting those perfectly good items hidden in the corner. By using what we already have, we not only save money but it’s an opportunity to get creative.
  • While assessing your inventory, keep an eye on your household essentials. Are the kids running low on their favorite snacks? Is the olive oil supply running on empty? Are you in dire need of cheese or protein-packed options? By doing this quick check before planning meals or going grocery shopping, we ensure we have everything we need for stress-free cooking.

With these simple yet effective strategies, we can minimize waste, save money, and unleash our inner kitchen wizards.

Step 2: The Magic of Simple Meal Combinations

Get ready for some kitchen magic! I take the proteins and produce that I find in my fridge and freezer and start thinking about meal combinations.

Now, let's embrace the wisdom of KISS - “Keep it simple, sweetheart" or “Keep it simple, stupid”... depends on how sassy you’re feeling this week. No need for overthinking here. I've got a fail-proof formula that never disappoints:

a protein + a veggie + a carb = the holy trinity of deliciousness

Especially when you’re tapped out on your decision-making for the day. Just picture it: with a protein and veggie in your hands, you're already two-thirds of the way to a done dinner. It's pure brilliance!

For an exclusive front-row seat to my mealtime wizardry, join me on TikTok >>>

Occasionally I’ll try a new recipe, but I’m not trying to make new recipes each and every night of the week. Because let's face it, when dinnertime feels like a whirlwind of chaos, simplicity is our ultimate savior.

Step 3: Grocery Shopping + Time-Saving Hacks

It’s time to make your grocery list and go shopping! Here's a time-saving hack: harness the power of online shopping. Use tools like Amazon Prime or Walmart + to shop online and save yourself the time and hassle of navigating crowded aisles.

Embrace the convenience of having your groceries delivered right to your door and use the time you save to tackle something on your “Want To Do” list instead of your “Need To Do” list.

Step 4: Finalize The Dinner Box

Now, it's time to put the finishing touches on your meal prep masterpiece. Grab those meal prep containers, give them a final once-over, and let's get labeling! A trusty wet-erase marker, I love the EXPO Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase Markers, which will be your new best friend in this process. Jot down the names of each meal on the outside of each box.

Once your containers are labeled and ready to go, find them a cozy spot in your fridge, like a VIP section reserved exclusively for stress-free mealtimes. Picture the scene: neatly organized boxes, each holding a delicious and nutritious meal, just waiting to be enjoyed.

As you embrace and fine-tune this system, be prepared for the dinnertime transformation that awaits. You’ll soon be wondering how you made it this long without Dinner Boxes.

Say Goodbye To The Stress

Say goodbye to the stress and chaos of daily meal planning and cooking as a busy mom. Embrace the power of meal prep containers to revolutionize your weekly routine, save time, and enjoy delicious, homemade meals effortlessly. 

By dedicating a little time each week to plan, prep, and store your meals in these convenient containers, you'll free up valuable time, reduce stress, and ensure your family enjoys nutritious meals even during the busiest of days. 

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